Almost a 5th of Young People in the UK Never Visit Museums

Survey shows large number of young people are disengaged with heritage

As the UK’s Muse­um Asso­cia­ti­on reports, „A stu­dy has found that 19% of young peop­le in the UK never visit muse­ums, while 36% never visit gal­le­ries. The sur­vey of 2,000 18- to 30-year-olds across the UK found that young adults pre­fer to stay in and watch TV or use social media rather than go out and visit a muse­um or gallery.“

The MA fur­ther exp­lains: „The rese­arch was publis­hed to coin­ci­de with Heri­ta­ge Day 2018, which took place on 6 Decem­ber. It sug­gested that peop­le who were not taken to heri­ta­ge loca­ti­ons as child­ren are far less pro­ne to visit them as adults. Faith Kit­chen, the heri­ta­ge direc­tor at Eccle­si­asti­cal Insuran­ce, which com­mis­sio­ned the rese­arch, said: „While many heri­ta­ge orga­ni­sa­ti­ons have done some fan­tastic work diver­si­fy­ing their offe­ring to attract youn­ger audi­en­ces, clear­ly more needs to be done to enga­ge the mil­li­ons of young adults who aren’t visi­t­ing the­se incredi­ble pla­ces across Britain.““

The com­ple­te news pie­ce can be read here.

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