US Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey Shows Increases in Leadership Roles

Survey Also Finds Room for Improvement

The Andrew W. Mel­lon Foun­da­ti­on, in part­ners­hip with the Asso­cia­ti­on of Art Muse­um Direc­tors (AAMD), the Ame­ri­can Alli­an­ce of Muse­ums (AAM), and Itha­ka S+R announ­ced today the results of its second com­pre­hen­si­ve sur­vey of the eth­nic and gen­der diver­si­ty of the staffs of art muse­ums across the United Sta­tes. „The goal of this second sur­vey, con­duc­ted in 2018, was to help mea­su­re the chan­ge in muse­um staff diver­si­ty sin­ce the 2015 base­li­ne sur­vey“, the foun­da­ti­on states.

The foun­da­ti­on fur­ther exp­lains: „The sur­vey docu­men­ted that among repeat par­ti­ci­pants who are AAMD mem­bers, the per­cen­ta­ge of cura­tors who are Afri­can-Ame­ri­can has doubled—from 2 per­cent in 2015 to 4 per­cent in 2018—an incre­a­se of 21 posi­ti­ons. Over­all, the fin­dings indi­ca­te that muse­um staff have beco­me more racial­ly and eth­ni­cal­ly diver­se sin­ce 2015. Sin­ce the last sur­vey, 73 per­cent of staff hired in intel­lec­tu­al lea­ders­hip posi­ti­ons were white, com­pa­red with 84 per­cent in 2015. Appro­xi­mate­ly 430 peop­le of color were hired, resul­ting in 20 per­cent of muse­um intel­lec­tu­al lea­ders­hip posi­ti­ons being held by peop­le of color. Most of the diver­se hires have been in edu­ca­ti­on and cura­to­ri­al departments.“

The foun­da­ti­on also notes, that, „in addi­ti­on, the per­cen­ta­ge of women in muse­um lea­ders­hip positions—C‑level posi­ti­ons such as muse­um direc­tor, CFO, and CEO—has incre­a­sed from 57 per­cent in 2015 to 62 per­cent in 2018. Women con­ti­nue to com­pri­se some 60 per­cent of muse­um staffs and the­re is a pre­pon­der­an­ce of women in the cura­to­ri­al, con­ser­va­ti­on, and edu­ca­ti­on roles that can be a pathway toward lea­ders­hip positions.“

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